Customer Service for Healthcare & Hospitality Staff

Customer Service for Healthcare & Hospitality Staff

Program Objectives

  • Differentiate healthcare service to other types of service interactions
  • Identify barriers to providing a high level of customer service
  • How to be present with patients and their families
  • Demonstrating Empathy at all times, even when under pressure
  • Reduce uncertainty and patient anxiety
  • How to manage your and others stress
  • Calm upset patients and their families
  • Delivering a holistic approach to all patients and their families
  • Guiding a patient on proper on-going health care
  • Establishing a high level of excellent communication skills and being aware of ‘how we sound’. The importance of Tone of Voice
  • The importance of creative thinking from inside to out
  • How to view problems from a different perspective?
  • Understand the importance of demonstrating positive energy

Training Methods

Our training content and our delivery style are highly interactive and tremendously motivational. Emphasis is placed upon delegates learning ‘real skills’ through:

  • Post-test
  • The use of facilitation – to ensure interest and commitment
  • Teamwork – to build internal team capacity
  • Group exercises – to ensure mutual understanding and attitude
  • Workshops – to ensure learning outcomes
  • Exercises – to ensure learning outcomes
  • Case Studies – of best in class organizations
  • Games – to aid learning and create a fun environment
  • Practice role-play – to build confidence and develop skills
  • Videos – to aid learning and show examples

Program Content

  • Understand why Healthcare Customer service is different
  • Understanding Customer Experiences and Creating the Customer Journey
  • The Power of positive thinking
  • Giving patients our undivided attention
  • Demonstrating common courtesy
  • Effective communication
    • Certainty, Empathy, & Integrity
    • Questioning and Interview Skills
  • Letting patients and their families know what is happening and when
  • Managing Stress
  • An Introduction to Innovation and Creativity
  • Pleasing Patients and their families
  • Excellence in execution
    • High-Quality Standards
    • Execution on Planned Time
    • Safety requirements
    • Pain Assessment
    • Fall Prevention
    • Reduction of Possible Complication
  •  Community focus and responsive to its need
    • Healthy and Happy Community (DHA Vision)
    • Community-focused Programs
    • Individual Patients and Community Integration
    • Assessment, Planning, Implementation, & Evaluation
  • Care Delivery
    • To deliver better, more efficient care
    • Resources Utilization
    • Systematic care delivery
    • Health Care Decision Making Process
  • Practicing Creative Thinking Skills
  • Evaluating Ideas
  • Implementing Improvements
  • Deliverables
    • Upon completion of this dynamic program, delegates will have developed skills to support them in their roles, looking after and caring for patients, their families and friends, and the colleagues that they work with.
    • Patient care involves a holistic approach and this program explores what we mean by a holistic approach and how each and every team member, can make a difference.

General Info

  • Duration of the training program: 3 days, 4 hours per day
  • Online course
  • At the end of the program, the trainee receives a certificate of achievement from IMC and a certificate from the Dubai Knowledge Authority KHDA

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